Steering Upgrade?


My power steering is making some high-pitched noises and I am pretty sure it's due to the new tires I've thrown on it. Does anyone know what steering upgrades I should do? The list below of what the jeep has:

- JKS 2.5
- New front UD 44 with E Locker
- 4.88 Gears
- Adams front Drive Shaft
- 38in Nitto Ridge Grapplers

The noise was there before the lift, noticeable a bit more when the 35s were on and loud as hell on the 38s.


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Check out the PSC XD ported steering box. It's really nice just with the steering box upgrade alone. You can add the hydraulic ram down the road which will really make turning those 38s simple.


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Exactly, she doesn’t necessarily need to know it was a $10 fix.

Glad you got your steering noise fixed!

Off topic, do you know what caster you wound up with on the UD44? I just installed similar setup (UD44 w/4.88, 2.5", 37's and Adams driveshaft) and without FAD, thinking 5.5 degrees caster would work well. Sure as hell wish Jeep used locking hubs on their non full time 4WD models!
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