Spare Mounted Spare Fuel

Starting to go out on multi day trips out in the desert more often and want a decent solution for mounting some extra fuel to slap on the back of the Jeep when I make those trips.

So far I like either a plate that goes in between the spare wheel and the carrier such as Evo makes, or a strap for a Rotopax or two around the spare. Just curious if anyone has a spare fuel solution they don't use anymore, Located in SoCal 🤙


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Here’s another place. No idea if these work well but have seen them a couple times.
I've been considering making something like the rock slide engineering mount, could probably be done for a fraction of the $110 they charge.
That's probably what I'll end up buying eventually, pretty clean and easily removable. It's essentially a ratchet strap and a mounting plate though huh? Seems easy enough lol.

Those are gayer than a three pecker goat.
Lol, homo indeed. Almost as bad as those who mount a Hi-Lift they'll never use there.


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I have been thinking about this too. I found this roto pax mount designed for a snowmobile and thought about mounting it to a piece of 16 gauge sheet metal, using nuts as spacers between the mount and the steel, and then running the ratchet strap between the bolts/screws.

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