RECOVERY GEAR : A Must Have Before Hitting the Trails


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US Jack is really nice but yes, they are pricey. Another jack that I would highly recommend is made by Norco. Some of their stuff is still made in the USA and the rest is made in Japan. Their bottle jack is Japan but still really well made.

I ordered a 3 ton Jet from Amazon, its a little too short to jack up 37's without a block though. Its small & compact enough that it lives in the jeep permanently
Those two look exactly the same just different labels. Wonder if they are the same Jack.


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I had to change a tire not too long ago and the factory scissor jack made it a slightly “interesting” event, even though we were on pavement for the tire change. Then I happened to see Eddie’s video on hi-lift vs. bottle jack and it got me to thinking.

I have an on-board air system (Viair 300P), tire patch equipment including deflators and spare valve core tools, jump-start power pack, first aid, a get home bag, and we always have food and water including water filtering capability with us. The Jeep is my daily driver, and we do our ”off-roading” on forest service roads in East Tennessee/Western North Carolina. No rock-crawling, no mud-bogging, no body-damaging things at all. 99% of the time off-road it is just my wife and I, no group rides, just solitude.

So in that situation, with a toy budget of around $300, would you recommend a solid bottle jack and axle bracket, or a kinetic recovery rope and couple of soft shackles first? I will end up with both, just not sure which would be the smarter investment this month.

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