REALLY loud radiator fan..


Hey Guys, My wife just noticed it, I never really have, but the radiator fans on my 2013 are really loud lately. Anyone have this issue? is there a problem? The radiator is clean, no mud etc. Also as a symptom I've noticed where before I would turn on the heat after a minute of warming up and it would blow hot, to the point that I would have to turn it down. Now however, I turn it on, it blows hot for about 30 seconds, then back to cold, then warm, and back and forth for like 10 minutes till it will blow hot full time again..

Any clue what/if there is an issue?


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Those have mechanical fans? If so, usually a clutch problem. If electric, could be a lot of things. As far as the other issue, a heater control valve could cause something like that. If you have access to a laser temp gun, shine it on the hoses going in and out of the heater core on the fire wall. They should be the same roughly (if not you have a blockage inside). Heater control valve can be checked in a similar way if you have one.


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I'm thinking fan clutch. Does it get louder when you accelerate? Can you spin it freely with the engine off?


Nope, electric fans on the 2013. I checked the fluid overflow and it's almost empty, I think I'm low on fluid, need to fins the right one. remember reading the article posted here about the two types Hybrid organic and organic additives, and if you mix they polymerize and will kill the whole system..

I think I have the purple (OAT) fluid, but the little amount of fluid in the overflow reservoir looks almost red, but will take a quick shot by the dealer to confirm...


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Here is a link to the coolant thread http://!, it is very helpful. I had a similar situation on my 14 JKU. I was losing coolant and could never find it but I could smell it and my heater would either be hot or cold with no inbetween. I pulled the fan shroud and found the radiator was leaking so I replaced the radiator and no more problem. I hope the coolant link works, if not its in the JK sub forum under the things you should know topic.


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i noticed my radiator get low water added and for while keeping low now the fan not working at all i connect the battery to fan dirctly not engaged at all and see dropped water i guess the water pump get failed because of the fan, any suggest some people the recommend to check head gasket it could reason of low water
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