Parts are trickling in

2 door nice! I'll be watching this one. Can't wait for the day I get an axle at the doorstep. Curious to know what you plan to do with it - I'd run 37s on a Rubi 44, going bigger?
Going with 37s with a ProRock 44 up front. 488 gears and chromoly axles front and back from Revolution. Will reuse the factory lockers. KMC beadlocks should be here this afternoon. Literally just need to order tires and wait for the coil overs to arrive before they start the build
Finally ordered a rear bumper today. Decided to try the CavFab mid length rear bumper. FYI they have a 10% off sale until Thursday. Believe the code is washing10. Hopefully it will arrive in a couple weeks. By then I hope to finally receive my coilovers and be able to complete the lift kit and coil over install in short order. I'll start an official build thread once the coilovers arrive.
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