Ok, Don't hate me for asking... 38's & gears....


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So I was going to go with 37s w/ 5.13 gears on a 2018 JLUR, (3.5" lift), problem is i cant find the brand I want to save my life. Im opting to go with Nitto Ridge 38/12.50/17s now,,, do I stick with 5.13s or go bigger? The mule is a daily driver and will be a once a month weekend warrior,,, fuel economy isn't a huge concern as much as is overall functionality. (meaning I want to use all 8 gears in the trans)

I need input,,,,,,, and GO!


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I wouldn’t go bigger than 5.13’s with stock axles. A 5.13 is getting pretty small as is in terms of contact on the ring gear. And I can tell you it’s going to make zero difference. I’ve ran 37’s up to 39’s and I’m currently on 38’s with 5.13’s in my JKU and have zero complaints. Being you’re in a JL your life will be even better. I’d go 5.13’s and send it
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