Oil Change #3 the correct viscosity makes a difference aparently


Hey Guys,I changed my oil at 2500 miles to Full synthetic (Pennzoil was the first change). Once I got the first "oil change needed" warning, I moved over to Royal purple. Initial oil, and first change my MPG was between 17-18 for "normal driving" (a mix of Highway and city). Once I changed to RP I actually had a large drop in MPG averaging 16-17 across the same driving patterns. I just did my 3rd change (at 25 K miles) and this time, unlike last time I used the correct viscosity on the Royal Purple (my 2014 is 5/20, not the 5/30 I put in the second change). I will tell you know, I'm probably going to pay the price of the Royal Purple from this point forward. The engine temp gauge looks to be a few degrees cooler (not sure why), and my driving loop Is much more harsh, where before My commute to work was 11 miles, mostly highway (no traffic), it's now 45 miles each way with about 15 miles of stop and go. My initial MPG after the correction was weekend driving, about 500 miles and I averaged 20.5 MPG (100 miles of back roads, close to 400 highway). Then I've been driving to work for the past 2 weeks and the MPG for a near 100 mile a day in heavy traffic is 19-20 MPG...At last check My jeep is only supposed to be getting 16-20 with an 18 combined. RP looks like it's getting me 1.5 more MPG on average and will easily pay for itself over the 12-14 K of travel I should get for a given change. I'll also be changing out the Diffs , tranny/transfer case over to RP as they need changing...Anyone else ever get increases/decreases like this on an oil change?


you might try Mobil 1 full synthetic, the properties of full synthetic will make an engine run cooler and the lighter viscosity will increase your mileage.

that's why you'll see 5/20 recommended.
the Mobil 1 may save you a few bucks as well and you'll save in the long run
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