New Jeep Ordered

I finally was able to order a new Jeep today from Erik Lukac at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep in Aurora. They had the best price, are 5 miles from where I live, and Erik took a lot of time answering questions and chatting about wheeling. So far, the experience has been much better than I expected. He estimates 4-10 weeks. I'm thinking 10-14, but we'll see. He was pretty confident.

I do think it worth mentioning that I called Pollards of Boulder for a quote and got the worst service from them that I've ever gotten from any salesman or woman anywhere. The guy refused to put anything in writing because he said I would shop it around (duh - capitalism), he wanted a $2500 deposit (everyone else wanted $1K) and came right out and said that he got so many enquiries every day that my business really wasn't that important to him. He actually said that, or something close to it. So fuck Pollards of Boulder. I will never buy a vehicle from them ever, and I will be happy to tell anyone who asks what I think of them, LOL. Happy to get that out...

Driving the JL was mind-blowing. I'd only ever driven a JK. Couldn't really get my head around how different this platform is and how refined the Wrangler has become. I can even understand now why many Jeepers aren't a fan of it. Today was all highway driving, but compared to my Xterra Pro4x, it is abundantly clear that the Jeep is going to make wheeling and playing in Colorado and beyond an entirely different and infinitely better experience. I do realize you all know this already.

Excited for my white JLUR with the XR package. Gonna take me a few days to unpucker.

And thanks to everyone who answered my questions so far.


Nice congrats. So what you're saying is the race is on as to who gets theirs first...haha. Also don't forget you'll need to order the rings to convert the wheels to bead locks.
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