Jeep Renegade SERVICE ENGINE Light ON = NO 4WD


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This happened to a friend with a 2016 renegade trailhawk while we were at the trails last weekend. We checked the temperature and it seems like when the transmission temperature gets to a certain point the 4x4 turns off.
It happened to us when Florida had cold snap down to the teens, service engine light came on, no 4wd. Traded it for JK.

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I realize this is an older discussion, but I was wondering what the resolution was? I've got a 2019 Renegade TH with the 1.3T engine, and I'm juuuuuust starting to put together a Giant Pile of Parts...


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It happened only once. I called the official dealer. In response, I received comments about the petrol. The next day, the bulb went out on its own. Apparently, the error was reset and did not show up again.
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