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So I just dropped my Jeep off to get the lift done and there is a hiccup. I have been under the assumption that he has Nitto Trail Grapplers ready to go for me but he said he hasn’t been able to get a set of them. I am looking for 5 Nitto Trail Grappler 40x13.5x17 if anyone has a lead or a hookup. I don’t have a discount tire around me and discount direct is out of stock. Alternatively he was able to order a set of Mickey Thompsons Baja Legend MTZs and they will be here soon. I know they are tires and will have to be changed sooner or later but if I’m going to spend this much on tires I want to get what I want if there is a chance.

Here are some quick pictures of the axles and coilovers. Other than the tire hiccup I am super excited.
EE613187-100B-40E7-A482-C593943A639E.jpeg 908E9277-A450-4000-908C-2BDEE64BC929.jpeg CD76CE25-CA9F-49EA-8905-DBD0D17DC764.jpeg
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