How do decide, EVO Enforcer or EVO Coil Overs?


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I was about to order the EVO Enforcer suspension for my JT, then I saw Bubba's video about pros and cons of coil overs. They cost a couple grand more, but now I feel like I "need" them, even though I probably don't. It's probably cheaper to just go to coil overs than to get another suspension and wish I had coils.

One question: Are coil overs axle specific, or can I keep the coil over suspension when I move to Dana 60's, if I ever do.
Both suspensions work great and have their intended use and areas where they perform better than the other. It sounds like you already made up your mind to go with the coilovers but not a must for most people. Coilovers will give you better performance if you like to go fast on the trails or in the dessert. Other upside is the adjustability and tunability with coil rates, preload adjustment and secondary ring adjustment. Additionally, they are fully serviceable and rebuildable.

Coilovers can be mounted to whichever axle you want. The EVO kit is designed as a bolt-on install for the JL/JT with stock axles. Installing them on an aftermarket axle may, depending on the axle, require some changes/relocation of the axle side mounting bracket. Installing the EVO long arm with this kit will already do this for you in the rear.


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If you lived back east or in an area where there isn't much wheeling, I might say to save your money. Being that you live in NV, you'll have plenty of reasons and places to want them. And, unless you were planning on installing an enforcer kit with a set of throw away shocks, you will still need to service a set of King shocks, just like a set of coilovers. Otherwise, I think Disciple pretty much covered what you needed to know.


Not sure on the JT’s I went with the EVO bolt on coil overs on my JK with 60’s no issues. The ride is night and day difference way more down travel . I can drive down dirt roads faster than I should . The adjustability is a big plus in my opinion. EVO has the valving figured out buy once cry once .
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