Dyno Beads (Tire Balancing)


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LOL - myth to me. The only reason to get your tires balanced is because they aren't.
That's what I thought too.

Since it is the first time I am mounting beadlocks and the tires that I am mounting came without any balance reference points I just mounted them and hit the local America's Tires shop. The guys there had them spun and the weight needed to balance them varied between 8oz and 12oz. That's within the spec of Mickey Thompson's 1%. Unfortunately when trying to balance them adding the weight to the referenced point wouldn't help and the Hunter would keep asking for more weight on additional places afterwards. They spun them with road force as well and gave me reference points that I need to align tires to wheels for better results - they just wouldn't do it since these were beadlocks.

I do a lot of research but my lack of experience plays its part here. @wayoflife what do you think would be the best approach in my case? Should I undo the beadlocks 🤯 and align the tires to the reference points I got from the road force spin or should I try a different shop to try balance them? As far as I understand aligning those reference points would ensure best match wheel to tire after which they would be regularly spun for balancing hopefully with better results requiring less weight?

Thank you so much! 😊
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