Update: (this is actually from June)

Motech finished the motor swap! On our way to Zion we stopped in Vegas for a visitation. We had the opportunity to conduct a test drive- WOW! It is a completely different vehicle! The motor is still in break in, however the power is incredible. The way that the LT1 moves my big, heavy ass Jeep is amazing. I ended up going with the 10-speed and it is smooth as silk and keeps the engine in the optimal power band.

My Jeep then went back to EVO where they replaced the PSC Big Bore steering box that was having issues. The box was replaced under warranty. A big thanks to PSC and EVO for making this happen. Definitely stand up companies with great products and a deep dedication to the off-road community. Thanks Mel!

A shout out to Kalan at Motech! His attention to detail is amazing and he kept me informed all the way through the process. Thanks again Kalan! If you have some time I would definitely watch the videos that Robbie posts, extremely informative. Not just on the swaps they perform but also deep knowledge on modern engine technology. I never knew how much I don’t know.

The first chance I have to pick my Jeep up is in September, then I will be driving it out to VA so I can have some fun locally. Once I get it back I’ll post up some detailed pictures of the new mods.

I am looking forward to getting out on the trails!



So I finally got a break from work and went out west to pick up my JKU.

Just to recap: after MOTECH installed the LT1, 10-speed transmission, and Atlas transfer case, Kalan drove it down to EVO in Arizona so that they could tweak a couple of things for me. I flew into Vegas and then drove down to AZ to EVO for a visit and to pick up the Jeep. I then drove back to Vegas to visit with good friends there.

After Vegas I drove down to PHX, AZ to spend time with family. Having been born and raised in AZ you’d think I would remember how hot is was however I was reintroduced to The Valley of The Sun late September temps….

I think I sweated the entire time I was there! 🥵 In addition about half of California has moved there. Ha!

My awesome nieces took me to an ice cream shop that had crazy delicious milkshakes.

The Jeep drove great and had incredible power. As always I had way too much stuff in my Jeep and probably had about 800-1000 extra pounds of crap. Doing 70-80 mph was easy. The Jeep tracked great and had massive power to spare. Mileage wise it gets slightly better than it did with the 3.8 V6, however it has WAY more power. The more I push on the skinny pedal the faster it goes. To be honest I have not pushed the pedal to the floor.

A representation of mileage along the way while cruising at 70-80. Keep in mind this is a fat, heavy JKU with 5.38 gears, 40’-inch tires on DynaTrac 80/XD60 combo. I also carry enough tools to disassemble a nuclear power plant.

So anytime you drive across the country you are bound to see interesting things. In Memphis on the interstate I encountered this. Dude in SxS was doing about 60 mph. No license plate but a stylish black ski mask…. 🤔

I stopped at Buc-ee’s for gas and burritos.



Damn, maybe I need to relook my retirement plan? 🤔

I finally made it home and now the JKU is parked next to its Gladiator brother until I can clear out a space in the garage next to the 392.

Once again I would like to thank Kalan at MOTECH and Mel at EVO for making my dream Jeep a reality.

Also a shout out to Cindy and Eddie for showing me some awesome places to eat and drink.

The Jeep world is full of fine individuals!
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Glad to see you got home safely and that you had a great time getting there in your awesome Jeep! Loved the trip report and Cindy and I look forward to seeing you again soon 👍🏻🇺🇸
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