Aux battery issues


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Hi Everyone. I know this topic has been talked about ALOT, but I have not found a reasonable answer. In August I replaced my main battery, 2019 Wrangler JLUR 3.6, lots of miles. I was having starting problems. New battery cleared everything up. About a month ago the Jeep would not start, I was able to jump start it so I figured it was the aux battery so I replaced that battery. For about two weeks I had no trouble at all. Now I am getting the messages, aux switches not available battery is charging, then start/stop not working battery is charging, then my favorite, the battery protection mode. I know a lot of you don't like the system, I get it, but for now, if I can I want to stick with this system. Does anybody have any idea what is wrong??? Both batteries are less then a year old.


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Have you checked the main battery to see how much and how well it's holding a charge? I would start there. Typically, it's always a good idea to replace BOTH batteries at the same time to help prevent over working one or the other.


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What WAYALIFE said^^^ also just to make sure, you did replace your main battery with another AGM/gel cell battery correct? The start stop system is brutal on standard batteries so an agm is needed to handle the lod


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Thank you, I will check all of the above. If it turns out to be a bad ground I WILL kick myself in the tailpipe.


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Now I am getting the messages, aux switches not available battery is charging,
When I had this message, dealer replaced both batteries and it fixed it. They also told me that both old batteries passed all tests but they knew that new batteries would fix it 🤷‍♂️
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