Air Compressors - On Board or Not


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Just want some insight on a reliable source of air for airing back up after a trail run. Been using a conventional car compressor and I'm now in search of something reputable and reliable for off road use - mounted on board or not. What compressors you guys running and why?
I have the ARB twin setup under the front passenger seat. Keeps everything nice and clean. It is also useful to give the wife a stir when things get to quiet.😁


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Twin ARB under the hood. The valves are set up so inflation/deflation can be controlled here. Shrader valve is for checking pressure with a tire gauge

Four way air hose to allow all four tires to be serviced at once


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It’s become obvious the ARB compressor mounted under the hood gets REALLY hot. I mean hot enough to burn your fingers through leather gloves hot. That’s before the compressor is started! The under hood heat from running off-roading gets the compressor cases and air fittings painfully hot. The temperature gets worse when airing up. Something has to be done.

Ideas I’m toying with include designing cooling ducts and a fan and moving the intakes to where they pull in cold air. Ha! Won’t that be a hoot to add “cold air intakes for ARB compressor “ to my list of modifications!
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