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    Newbie 2023 JLXR

    In Texas they invest what you paid in Bitcoin so that they can make some more money. Some time after it is time to actually place the the order, they cash out of their investment (if there is anything left) and try to place your order. 😁
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    I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

    I have always gotten these notices on my 2019 JL Rubicon. The jeep comes with AT&T 4G. They want to sell this service to you as a hotspot. This is how the remote features work and how the Jeep sends telemetry back to corporate. This is why Uconnect Guardian is a farce. The fun thing is when...
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    Jonny Trucks Here!

    Your truck appears to be lifted! Welcome from Arizona.
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    Newbie 2023 JLXR

    Welcome from Arizona! 2023 models are probably delivered some time in 2024. 🤔
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    Engine clatter

    This sounds like my 2.0L engine. Sounds like a cranky sewing machine.
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    Greetings from Philadelphia!

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    Hello from Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

    Welcome from Arizona. Make sure to test your Sahara on some dunes.
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    Fuel Prices

    Just wait until it says 911. Then you know that it is calling for help and you will know what to do. 😀
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    Hello from Liverpool NY

    Welcome from Pine, Arizona, which is nothing like where you are!
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    Greetings from Philadelphia!

    Welcome from Pine, Arizona.
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    Greetings from Philadelphia!

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    Hello from Nevada

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    Rob from Brisbane

    Another welcome from Arizona!
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    Hello from Houston

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    Garmin Overlander reviews wanted

    I have not used it. I have only watched or read reviews. There are practically no new reviews. From what I have seen, it is bulky and abnormally slow. Mounting something this bulky on a Jeep dash is problematic since it is nice to be able to see out the windshield and it is also nice to be able...
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