Working on an old 1965 J3000 Gladiator


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Work done of loadbin.
Bak skuur.jpg
Bak undercoat 1.jpg

Loadbin fitted and bumper sprayed. Lots of finishing work still left.
Links voor klaar met bumper.jpg

Must just say thanks to my Friend, Pieter, who is assisting me a lot with this project.



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Thank you for all of the positive feedback messages. It is good to hear that someone else also appreciates this. Not everyone does.

I hope to have it running in a months time. Outstanding tasks:
Power steering shaft
Wiring and fuses
fit the winch
Refit dash
build a new tailgate from scratch
Fit brake boosters
Some other small stuff.

Have a good one!
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what a beauty! nice work on all you've done so far. (y)

looking forward to the next set of updates
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