Where did your Jeep take You this Week?


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Nice! Haven't been out that way in years. Where'd you set up camp?
We went up on the north side and set up at Sheep Canyon in hopes to see some Bighorn but no dice. Did some small hikes. The boy is a few month shy of 3 and he likes to walk but get tired pretty fast. Then it's in the hiking backpack. And that extra 30lbs gets really heavy fast. Haha.
It was a great time and super awesome to see the super moon. Made it so bright that it made big shadows. So we did some night hiking around as well. Only seen 2 other people the whole time. 20180131_191404.jpg

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A quickie to Joshua Tree.


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Took my daughter to work this morning because her AWD Lexus wasn’t up to the job. She works at a medical office and there is no such thing as calling off for snow.


I haven't been up there in years...did you have the prerequisite snowball fight?

Yeah this was my first time to the summit since I was around 13 or so. Unfortunately there were no snowball fights. We did, however, hike out to the adz quarry (my first time) which was incredible. For some reason I didn’t think to take any pictures of it while I was there 🤦*♂️

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The Divide

Club snow run, but not much snow French Meadows to Robison Flat the back way great day with best friends living the dream aka Wayalife:rock:
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