Wheeling w/ Whiskey - JTR Build Thread


Caught the Bug
Hey all!

I'm Blake; currently living in Reno, NV and have a JTR Diesel on order / arriving in Idaho in the next few weeks. My wife and I are excited to get back into the hobby of off-roading/exploring the wilderness. We already spend most of our free time hiking/exploring, and, can't wait to see where our JT takes us! US including not just my wife and I, but also our Australian Shepard, Whiskey (hint's the title)!

I have some history here, having owned a JK (as well as grew up wheeling TJ/LJ) and attended a few Wayalife runs (Rubicon, Mono Lake, Suds n Grub, King of Hammers, etc.). As my career advanced I realigned my priorities/focus... however, I've recently achieved a better work-life balance and want to get back on trails/explore as frequent as possible. So, hoping to get out there with people from this group as our JT becomes more equipped to explore. Until then, thanks for following along here/providing feedback!
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