What was done to your rig this week?


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I caught a red tail hawk in my windshield just south of Silverton a few years ago. In most of my vehicles up to that point I had tinted the windshields with a very light film. Helps with glare at night and obviously sun during daytime. Only then did I realize it's most valuable function. The impact completely shattered the Jeeps windshield. If I hadn't had that film on the windshield I think that red tail would have been in my lap and a ton of glass shards would have been in my eyes. I know tinting the windshield isn't legal in all States but they make a clear ceramic film now that works perfectly and insures that a glass shower is not in your future.


50k on my 2015, decided to do the auto trans filter and fluid change! After watching a couple of videos and reading some write ups, it was painless! I used a fluid extrator down the dipstick tube then removed the three trans mount bolts through the cross member. I jacked up the tranny at the TC to allow access to the rear pan bolts instead of removing the exhaust cross over. Took about an hour, pretty clean method!


I went to the off road expo in Pomona...got some new idea's and changed things around. Went from a 4" stretch to a 7" stretch. changed location of bump stops....It's been windy so I haven't been able to weld the bumps in but maybe tomorrow morning. fuel filler is an issue now, working on it. cut wheel wells up I made them wide so no more rocks rolling over the top of the tire and to protect the shock reservoirs. decided not to run my 40d's and I'm going to run 42's. waiting on tubing and bungs to build longer control arms because of longer stretch. weld up sway bar after new links arrive and then back end should be done. Except brake lines and such...

MAXMOTO is what I'm going for this is my inspiration ...

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