What was done to your rig this week?


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Took some time to give her a good wash after a quick trip out to the desert last weekend. Required copious amounts of tire shine haha...



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20170326_133508.jpg 20170327_153202.jpg 20170327_165835.jpg 20170327_165905.jpg

The curved light bar bracket didn't mount the lights the way I wanted and I couldn't find one online for a CJ without spending $80+ so I decided to build my own brackets. Here's the pictures from my weekend project.

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why do i feel like i have not seen this jeep on here before? what a beauty!!
Haha, well thank you! Its been a while since i posted any pics. Jeep was down for quite a while after I bent my front axle. I have a build thread on here somewhere from the the first stage of the build prob 2 years ago.

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I got a new Jeep butt on Sunday!
I think it's shitty built brand. paid $60 for it and I have the tire carrier too

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