What did Brown Santa show up with today..


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Replacing my winch power cables with a quick disconnect set. Adding a metal grill cover, thanks to jmw015. 20190328_235637.jpg

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I didn't notice that until you mentioned it.
I'm not sure which I like better. Mine are boxed as well.

Yea kind of a toss up one will allow water not to escape and the other (rear) will fill with mud. When I primed and painted I really tried to flood it through the EVO cutout. Hope it works.


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He just dropped off my new sunshade. Now if it would just warm up to where I can use it.


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Caught the Bug
Not exactly brown santa but scored a painted set of flares, grill and a set of weldable front lower control arms. Now to decide if I want to paint to match my anvil or keep it metallic for the contrast. 20190407_181637.jpg

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Always nice when a shipment of EVO parts come in. Huge shoutout to Bubba at Exodus, always a pleasure doing business with him. Parts include EVO Rockskins, evap skid, oil pan, tranny and transfer skid. Also parts to put together a quiet crawler exhaust. Last but not least got some Synergy parts for our Ram 2500 also thanks to Bubba for hooking me up with those. Cant wait to get everything installed.
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