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We have a 2016 JKU and we are members of three Jeep clubs. I’ve been learning from Wayalife for a while now and so far here’s how it’s helped me:

I researched the Dynatrac Progrip brake upgrade here and decided I just had to have it. It was fun to install and every bit as good performance wise as I expected.

I was going to install an Spod, but when I learned all the issues about it I decided to look for something else. I had never heard of Switch-pros before, but from what I saw it was interesting. I ended up buying one and installing it. It’s a great unit!

Now, if I had only read the threads about Teraflex before I bought that tire carrier.......

So Eddie and Cindy thank you for having such a great forum. The technical write ups are invaluable. Hopefully we’ll see you out on a trail someday!

R&R, AKA Good2Go
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