VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?


Thanks for sharing such a tough part of your life, I know your guys have been going through it but damn that some hard stuff all at once. I'm excited for you guys to be getting back to your passion while being inspired buy something so important to them, and you. We miss you guys, hope too see you soon. Also excited to see what you have up your sleeve, only a couple things come to mind that you don't have from that link lol...
He did click on a Wrangler and he said something about the 392 awhile back. 😁


Nothing is more valuable than the time you spend with the people in your life who matter, it is something you will never regret. Spend as much as you can, you will not get a second chance.


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That was a touching video, and I know well how hard it can be to put something like that out there for the world to see.

Props to you and Cindy for taking on the hard task of "raising" Cindy's parents. It is a tough job.
Hey Cindy and Eddie, I’m sorry for your struggle, but you’re doing right by them. Happy to see you’ve been taking care of yourselves in the process. Wish you four the best.


having been there twice, with mine and Michelle's Mom and Dad I kinda know what it's like, hard to see people slipping away. our prays are with you and your family


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There is nothing more important than family, after that friends, then they become family, then time, something we all wish we either had more of or could go back in. I wish you two the best in making memories with your parents. You will never regret taking care of them, only not taking care of them
Your video brought back memories. My dad had Parkinson's and my brother, Lewy Body. Tom's mom passed two months ago and she had dementia. It's a heart wrenching experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Thank you for sharing.


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I'm sorry Cindy and you are going through these difficult times. I'm a Wayalife fan for life so if your video is once a year, I will never unsubscribe. Thank you for sharing and Cindy's mom is still badass for being able to climb into your Jeep without any assistance.


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Damn brother that’s some heavy stuff. My wife’s mom is 76 years old and we have been supporting her financial for the last 3 years so she can enjoy life. I’m so grateful that she has all her facilities. I wouldn’t wish mental issues on anyone. The wife is also taking her mom on a trip next month to the mountains in CO and to Moab to see all the wonderful places we get to go and in some ways have started to take for granted. Ok enough rambling


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Thank you for sharing this story. My mother is in her 80s and my siblings and I share taking care of her. Mom had her hip replaced and I was looking forward to taking her out again until COVID hit. My brother still lives at home and that is his choice but she is enjoying him there. My sister and I live 10 minutes away. We spend as much time as we can and I can't wait to finally take her to Lake Tahoe. I promised I would take her to see it when I came back from the Rubicon Trail and I plan on taking her while she is still able to get around. It's hard now that the roles are reversed and we take care of our parent now but I wouldn't have it any other way. My grandmother passed years ago from dementia and alzheimers and my father passed from the same thing. Cindy's parents and my mother are very lucky to have people take care of them. My mother loves her home and we plan on letting her tay there as long as we can. It's been a rough couple of years for quite a few people here so your not alone.


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So, I know there are probably a few of you who’ve been wondering, where in the hell have we been? And, what I can tell you is that, we’re truly sorry for having been gone and for as long as we have. Anybody who knows us know that Cindy and I aren’t exactly the kind of people who like to wear our personal lives on our shirt sleeves and so, for the better part of the last two years, we just did our best to make things work. Unfortunately, life had other plans for us and earlier this year, it completely pulled the rug out from under our feet. The good news is, we are finally at a point where life can resume again and for all the people who expressed concern for us during our extended absence, we thought it would be nice to make an exception and share a little, of what's been going on.

It's hard when those you love are taken, mentally or physically.. It makes you look at life so differently.
Some few of my Jeep brothers know a little of my story.
Your story has me thinking about mine..
I lost my wife to an accident almost 6 years ago now. At the same time my friend and boss at the time was diagnosed with PSP, Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy. A terrible disease that at first takes the ability to communicate, then to even swallow.. He wasted away and after about a year he died.
Alvin was his name and years ago he had a CJ5.. he loved that Jeep and for years wanted another, he finally purchased it, He was so happy. 4 months later was diagnosed with PSP and couldn't drive it anymore and sold it.
I resolved to go buy a Jeep and here I am,. Having met many great people though this group and Wheeling. I'm thankful.

I realized from my friend and my wife passing that I needed to enjoy life, don't wait for what you want because it could all be gone tomorrow.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
It's where I got the saying that's on my Jeeps windshield.
It's All Good.
Enjoy what you have while you have it.
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The hardest part of being our age is watching what happens to our friends and family...I watched this again with my wife; immediately after she called her 90 year old mom, whom we have had to move into an assisted living situation a few years back.

I lost both my parents when they were dad at 53 with cancer, and my mom at 69 due to complications with severe asthma and Parkinson’s.

I feel for both of you...


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Thanks for sharing, I know what how hard it is. My wife lost both her parents with in a couple years a while back. she had a hard time with it.


Eddie and Cindy your are great people! Really well done for what you do anc sacrifice for the parents.
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