VIDEO : THE BIG DAY - Gathering of the WAYALIFE Family for a Very Special Occasion


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That's great. I will watch as soon as I can.

Oh, I'm so creative, my YouTube name is the same as it is here.

I found the forum before the YouTube videos. They were like a bonus for me.

LOL - very cool and glad to know that you found the forum first :)

Congrats and catahoula of course! One of the first videos I found was Summertime snow wheeling!

Wow, you've been watching for a long time. Cool :)

Congratulations on the achievement! You guys are more than deserving of it and like it's been said in the above comments, if it had not been for your videos I would not even be here on this forum. Many thanks and appreciation for everything you guys do and keep up the awesome work! Before you know it you'll be celebrating a gold YouTube award!!!! 🍻

Sidenote - forgive my ignorance but did you guys get rid of the new Jeep renegade? I had to take a break for a while during my divorce.... so apparently I must have missed this?

Can't wait till you guys get your new gladiator!

My YouTube name is RandyRacerGray

Thank you and yes, we sold our Renegade to help make room for our JL.

Wow! Congratulations! Thanks for the hard work you two do, to share your passion, and keep us entertained.

I’m pretty sure you know it already, but notnalc97.

Thank you Clay and yes, I've seen you on there :)

I was so ready for the Gladiator to roll out there! This is really cool too! Congratulations!!:thumb:

yt is Jakob Baker.

LOL - sorry to disappoint you but the Gladiator is coming... hopefully sooner than later. :crazyeyes:

Congrats guys! That is amazing!

Thank you, we really do appreciate it :)

That's great. Congratulations.. If you start having big Waterslide and Bouncy House parties you'll skyrocket.;)

:cheesy: Thank you :)

WOOOHOOOOO!!! Congrats on the 100k followers! That’s a big achievement for you both!

It’s awesome fun to go back to where you started and see how far you guys have come as far as quality of your videos and Cindy’s editing skills

LOL - thank you Steve :)

Congrats!!! already subscribed as jorgelrod

Thank you :)

Congrats guys! That's very cool. That's a lot of people who enjoy your content, even if that hate your music!! Haha.. pretty sure my YouTube is just my full name

LOL - I think our haters are our biggest fans :)



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Congrats on this. It's kind of crazy when you think how you got here. In 2010, I had just been bitten by the jeep bug. I was trying to figure out which jeep model to buy and discovered a Wayalife video. As most the YouTube channel led me here. Never would have though watching videos would have led me making such great friends and having experiences of a life time. Thanks for such great content, the story telling you both do and even being a part of a few of those stories. As for my YouTube name, I have no idea what it is...haha. I use my Google account so it's probably Jesse M.

So awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing this with us :)

Pretty Awesome Accomplishment for a “Hey see that Camera, Hold my Beer” moment. It’s the reason I’m here... and wish I found the channel 10 years ago instead of 3.

LOL - well, we're so glad to hear it and appreciate you helping us to get here. Thank you :)

Awesome video!! I’ve been subbed for years now. Ryan’s Jeep Garage.

Thank you Ryan :)

Congratulations Eddie and Cindy. You do it all.. Amazing adventures and great informational.

It's where I found Wayalife...
Thank you

I'm on Youtube as Donald Quick

Thanks Don, we're glad to hear it :)

This video is the perfect example of why you reached this milestone ... Congrats to you both and thanks for inspiring us!!

Thank you, we really do appreciate it :)

Congrats! Wow, over 100k of subscribers. What a great accomplishment.

It really is hard for us to believe especially being that we literally squandered a few years by only posting a couple of videos for the whole year. :crazyeyes:

Awesome, congratulations. I enjoy
the videos and always learn a little something.

Awesome, thank you :)

Wow! 100k... and counting. And what a collection. So much history there. Each one has its own personality and it’s own story to tell.
I go by FifthElementDynamics (old training company name)
I can think back to the very day I found you guys.
I had just bought a 2002 WJ. It was in 2011 and I was sick of running the same old trails in Moab. So I googled “best Moab Jeep trail” and the first one to pop up was the Pilgrimage to the promised land” series. I’ve been watching ever since although, embarrassingly I can’t tell exactly when I subscribed to the channel 🥴

But since then it’s been really inspiring to see you guys do what you do and, although they are your adventures, it’s easy to see that you want all of us to have as close to the same experience as you guys are having in real time.
It’s not a group, or a club or a channel or a forum. It’s a family. And I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Here’s to another 100k.

Thanks Casey, we're so glad to hear it and appreciate you sharing your story with us :)

That is pretty cool

Thanks Matt. Been awesome to have you be a part of one of our best video series :)

Congratulations, beautiful collection, and let me know where to send my adoption forms:D

LOL - thank you :)


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Very cool I may have missed it but what happened to Renegade?

Unfortunately, we sold it to help make room for our JL.

Congratulations guys.
The only channel I’m subscribed to. [emoji106]

YouTube name is same on here

Thank you Dan, we really do appreciate it :)

Congratulations! That is a super big deal. I found you guys in early 07 when I bought my first JK, I have been on here ever since!

Awesome. We're glad to know there are people who've been watching our videos for as long as they have and still enjoy them :)

Congrats on the You Tube Award! Your video's are like crack, I can't get enough of them :eek::clap2:

LOL - Thank you :)

Congratulations!! I look forward to many more videos!

I'm already subscribed as blairpod

Thank you and we'll be sure to keep em coming :)

That's FANtastic! Congratulations! :2thumbsup:

I came to Wayalife the other way around, I got to meet Eddie and the whole family and thereby learned about the youtube channel and forum. All of 'em are beauties, and just like kids, it's impossible to choose a favorite.

LOL - it was a real pleasure to meet you in person and so glad to have you here now :)

Eddie and Cindy,
I’m really happy the passion we share has brought you so much success! I can’t believe it’s been an entire decade since I first joined you in your journey. Perhaps someday soon we’ll see each other on the trail again and be able to share another toast! (I think the last one was at Shamrocked.) My YouTube username is just Christopher Arian. 👍🏼

LOL - man, it has been a while but I'm glad to see that you're still around :)

PA Farmboy

100,000 subscribers is quite an accomplishment and should be celebrated. Forget how well you guys do technical video editing, your videos are entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work and all the best to both of you guys (Cindy and Eddie). :clap2::clap2::clap2:

Thank you, it's almost hard to get our heads around :crazyeyes:

Congrats! :thumb:

Thank you :)

Congratulations on the award guys. Glad I came across them a couple years ago along with your writeups. You'll be long remembered in the Jeep community vs others just begging for likes just to surpass a milestone without providing any valuable content.

YouTube = Joshua Lorenz

Thank you Joshua, we're flattered that you would say as much. The only thing we would ever hope to do is to share our passion for Jeep with others :)

Angry Aussie

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Even thought my video audio doesn’t work sounds like a major milestone for y’all. Congrats! I love you guys and WAYALIFE, so many cool people in my life now because of it. I owe you guys big time.

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Hands down best YouTube channel and website for Jeep people like us! Glad to be part of it! Thanks for all you guys do that fuels the Passion!


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I think I had commented on the video when you hit the 100k mark, but again CONGRATULATIONS on hitting that big number! I'm sure with the Gladiator coming and Jet really coming in to form to give Moby a run, you will get to a quarter million in no time! My user name on there is Kevin Graham. :beer:


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I really am sorry for not responding to the rest of you sooner. As some of you may know, we've been on the road for a while now and there was ZERO Verizon service out in Mason, TX - LOL!

Youtube is Charles Ritter! love your videos! Congrats

Thanks Charles! It was great meeting you and your wife out in Katemcy!

Congratulations! That is really cool! You guys deserve it and are my favorite YouTube channel. I’m subscribed as Bear_JKU.

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Thank you, we're so glad to hear it and appreciate your support!

Congrats on 100k subscribers! And you didn’t even have to don a bikini to get there.

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:cheesy: I think that would scare everyone off :cheesy:

That’s a nice bunch of should have a contest to see what new iteration of Wayalife will be your next license plate.

Who is sleeping outside when you get your new JT?...

Actually, we still have Rubicat's old plate and it will go to the Gladiator. As far as space goes, we still have 2 spots open up front :)

Awesome Videos, Awesome jeep collection, Awesome editing, Just Awesome. Congrats on 100k. Subscribed as BattleBorn Jk

Thanks Dave, we appreciate it :)

Don't forget the front garage.

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LOL - this ^^^

CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I really dig your family and your videos are always 2nd to none!

Thank you, we really do appreciate it :)

Congratulations! You guys got me hooked a few years ago. I love your videos.
But I did see armor protection on Moby for your PSC. I along with several others am also using a PSC. How can a guy get this piece of armor?
Thanks for all your work.

It's a part of the EVO high steer system that you can get for a PR60

Congratulations on the 100k accomplishment. I think it’s safe to say I speak for many of us by saying that the genuine love and passion for Jeeps that both Cindy and yourself carry is what makes everything you do successful. You both speak the truth and display your passion for this lifestyle rather than saying whatever the masses may want to hear simply to build a following or line your pockets.

Thank you for being on of the few genuine outlets for information and brilliant videos! Keep kicking ass

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We're truly humbled and flattered you would say as much, thank you. :blush:

That's way too Cool! Congrats..:beer:

I was like oh maybe a new Jeep is in today! let me check the video.. Lol ..

LOL - thanks :)


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That’s a big deal! You’ve come a long way baby! :beer:

Thanks Doug! Been great to have you as a part of so many of our videos :)

:beer: Congratulations ! Always look for the latest videos from you.

Awesome - glad to hear it :)


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Thank you :)

Congratulations! 100,000 is a lot!I’ve been subscribed for a while now and I try to comment on every video when I get the chance my handle on YouTube is RyanHanley

Thank you and we really do appreciate you helping us to get here :)

Good job guys! You worked for it, whether you meant to or not, you deserve it!

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Thank you. All we ever hoped to do was to share our passion for Jeeps with others and if at all possible, to help them to learn how to help themselves :)

Congrats Eddie & Cindy - 100k - that's awesome!

So glad I found your videos - it literally changed the course of my life - it was the outlet that guided me back into the off-road community and all of the great people here and friends I've made because of Wayalife. :thumb:

So awesome to hear and so glad you found us. We really do hope we can meet you in person someday :)

Congrats guys! [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] ps....This is Lori. Rascal Rubi

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Thank you Lori and we hope that you're recovery is going well. :thumb:

Congratulations! I never even considered getting a Jeep until 2011 when I stumbled upon one of your YouTube videos. I was hooked from the first one and bought my first JKU shortly afterwards. Now I’m on my second JKU with plans on ordering a JT for the wife soon, and have kids who keep asking when they can drive Jeeps of their own. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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Awesome - always nice to know that our videos were able to help inspire someone like you :)

Just saw the video and had to login to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!![emoji322]

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Thank you - we really do appreciate it :)

You have reached an amazing milestone! Loved the explanation at the end, never having it on your mind to be internet sensations!! Keep the videos coming! Congratulations!!! My YouTube is the same as here! Lanster

Thank you. Getting to this point is nothing short of a miracle and we know it. That being said, we really do appreciate you helping us to get here. :)


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Great job Cindy and Eddie! Thanks for the dedication! Your videos and write-ups have helped me out a ton and make me want to give back to my local off-road community...And also make me want to wheel 24hours a day! You guys rock!:thumb:

Awesome, that's what we love to hear :)

Congrats to you both!!! I believe the first video I found from you was Moab Fork Yeah! And I got hooked! Then found this site [emoji106] best Jeep community. Thank you for all that you have provided for everyone here!

I’m subscribed as Jamie Souder

Also, I thought this video was going to be about you getting a JT [emoji23]

LOL - sorry about that. The JT will be here soon :)

Congratulations Eddie and Cindy, an accomplishment to be proud of.
My YouTube name is markjeepbadge

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Thank you :)

Impressive yet well deserved. Outstanding, entertaining and informative content. Congrats

Thank you, we really do appreciate it :)

That’s awesome! Congrats to you and Cindy!

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Thanks Adam! We're so glad that you've been able to be a part of so many of our adventures and look forward to even more in the near future :thumb:

That’s a lot of people watching your “home movies”. Whatever happened to Renny?

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Had to sell him to help make room for our JL

I believe they sold their Renegade a couple years back to help fund Jet since they really weren’t getting the use out of it like they were the others. I’m not positive on the details but I’m sure Eddie will chime in.

This ^^^

I love all your Jeeps, but as I’ve said repeatedly, Jane just does something special for me. [emoji7][emoji3059]

I found the forum before the channel thanks to a sweet Jeep running a windshield banner in Big Bend National Park. I’m so thankful for catching a quick glimpse of that rig that day!

Congrats on 100 grand! [emoji3060] Here’s to the next milestone! [emoji1634]

My YouTube is JKU Spider and have watched the same videos of yours multiple times!

PS - I, too, have noticed Renny’s absence and am curious.

No kidding? That's kinda cool! So glad that you found us :)

Time to add MULTIPLE more bays to the shop. They’re all gonna get filled!

Congratulations on 100K. And thanks for all the great info on WAYALIFE.

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LOL - still got a couple of empty spots up front :)

So cool, and so deserving. You and Cindy have worked your butts off to get where you are, and to put out the best content out there! Congrats!

Thanks Mike! It's been a hell of a lot of fun and we hope to get you in some of our videos in the future :crazyeyes:


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Congrats to you Eddie and Cindy , a well deserved accomplishment. With the amount of film you two have and knowledge you should be making a JEEP documentary. I would love to see a WAYALIFE film on the big screen. :honey:

AZ Explorer

Caught the Bug
Congrats to you and Cindy!! That’s great to both see and hear how your business has expanded beyond your wildest expectations. It’s a great example of how the American dream can be achieved through hard work and following your passion.


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Already subscribed, kinda hope we helped tip the scale.

Today is a pretty big day! At least, for us anyway. In fact, it's big enough that Cindy and I thought that it would be fun to bring the whole family out of the stable to talk about it. Of course, this would include Pappy, our 1954 Willys CJ3B. Emma, our 1969 Jeepster Commando. Rusty, our 1972 Jeep J-2000 pickup truck. Jane, our 1974 Jeep CJ-5 Renegade. Moby, our 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and last but not least, JET, our 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. As far as what makes this day so big and special for us, well, you're just gonna have to watch our video and find out for yourself! We hope you enjoy meeting our family of Jeeps and as always, we thank you for your support.

If you enjoyed this video, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please help celebrate this special occasion with us and do so by posting up on this thread and letting us know what your YouTube username is. If you do, you may just WIN some of the cool WAYALIFE SWAG you see below!

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DisneyManiAna on YouTube
BUMPITY needs more decals!


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And the WINNER is...

Fun to see the whole family together. Congratulations on the milestone! My YouTube name is the same as here, sipafz although I don’t think I have ever added a comment on YouTube. I always do that here.

Congratulations sipafz! :thumb:


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And the WINNER is...

Congratulations sipafz! :thumb:

So Awesome! I’m thrilled to be representing the Forum in the Midwest! Congratulations again on your achievement and thank you for making this place possible!

I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket now!
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