VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - Gravel Caught Between the JL Wrangler Fender and Body FIX

LOL, everything you linked is sold out!
You broke Amazon!
But there are other options...
there's a decent 11 piece nylon tool set (holds up better than the other plastics) & there is a solid core version of the rubber tube. Ordered that and it's here now - have to wait for the weekend to see how well it stays in place.
Enjoying your ideas, Eddie!

Thanks to Eddie and you for the tips! Let us know how the .25" round solid core version of the TrimLoc rubber seal works, I am ready to order the solid if it fits the crack as well as the tubing version.
Last time I had a welt, it hurt.

This however is a painless solution to a problem that shouldn't be a problem to begin with.
Great solution for a simple problem that will only get worse if the rock pebbles are ignored. Sort of reminds me of my OCD with not ignoring big pebbles or glass or nails in the tires discovered during tire rotations.
Just installed the solid core welt. It works, probably better long term, than the hollow core. Both will fail over the years anyway. Use what you can get.

My notes:
Wow, I had no idea of the amount of leaf, dirt, bug and pine needle debris I would have to clean out...
The solid core material requires more of a crush, so it will elongate more. So, start at one end and cut the other end off after it's installed.
The rear fender flare has a deep gap. Don't push the welting all the way to the bottom/back - the goal is not to create a "seal" - it's simply for trash rejection.
I had about 5-1/2 feet left over. I cut it in half and put a second layer at the top of the rear fender flares.

Hope that helps.
Great idea Eddie, thank you.
Mozar, thanks for the update, just ordered the solid core, Amazon has it in stock, $15 for 25 feet.
Thanks for the tip! Small rocks are scratching my paint up some kind of bad trying to get them out.
As much as Cindy and I love the way the all new Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Fenders look, we're completely dumbfounded by the fact that they have these huge gravel catching gaps between them and the body. I mean, of all the models made, the Rubicon is the one that’ll most likely see playtime off road and someone at Jeep had to of known that this was going to be a problem. Of course, what's even more frustrating is that it doesn’t take much to fix this problem and automotive manufacturers have been doing it for almost a century now. What these fenders need, is some welting.

After being annoyed to no end having to phish out small rocks, gravel and coarse sand every time we went off-roading, I did some research and found a rubber seal that should work well as a welt. made out of the same material that you find along the edges of your doors, it's weather proof, durable, won't effect your paint and most importantly, it's cheap. In this episode of the JL JOURNAL, I’ll show you just how easy it is to install and how you can fix this annoying rocks in the fender problem, once and for all.

What You'll Need

25 Feet - Trim-Lok Rubber Tubing Seal .276” Outside Diameter

Plastic Trim Tool Set

Please let me know if you have any questions. :cool:
I ran into a fellow jeepers at EJS who showed me this. I wanted to do it too but didn't know what product to use - THANKS! BTW, have you had any issues with it coming loose? I was thinking of a drop of superglue at the ends.
I just bought a 23 JT, Im assuming they never addressed. Is this mod still holding up okay? Any revisions?
I just bought a 23 JT, Im assuming they never addressed. Is this mod still holding up okay? Any revisions?
I kind of gave up on this after I started making fender modifications but if I were to do it again, I would recommend that you use the solid core instead of the hollow tube as it will hold better over time.
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