VIDEO : BEAST MODE - EVO Gladiator Transformed + Shakedown Run at Moab EJS


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I’m really impressed with theJT, the lift and tire size combination look about perfect for the wheelbase. It made the pickle looks like a speed bump. Now if my lotto numbers would just hit.

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That is a great looking JT. That thing is more than capable to go off-roading.
I would love one in the Gobi color. Wish they offered a more powerful engine as well.

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I want one!! Looks amazing out there on those red rock! Great job Mel & team!

You guys are madmen shooting out these interviews! Awesome!!

LOL - it's been a hell of a couple weeks. Hoping to catch up on some sleep this week. :icon_crazy: :crazyeyes:

What an awesome rig!!! Hopefully one day I’ll have one [emoji23]

Me too! Hopefully sooner than later. :yup:

Wow!! What a cool looking JT!

It really is badass. :cool:

So cool! What a great build

What I love most about it is that it's something anyone can have and not just a concept. :yup:

Thing climbed like a champ. Doesn’t seem like the wheelbase was as much of a concern as I was expecting it to be.

Simply awesome

Out in a place like Moab, even a stock JT would do well. Add a bit of a lift and bigger tires and it rocks out there. :yup:

Fuck. I'm going to go broke. Love that new tire carrier and awesome to hear that the bed and frame move together. Crazy that that thing went up that first ledge without using lockers.

LOL - I hear ya but this is a must have :crazyeyes:

That is too cool.

I hope to have one, but it won't happen this year.

Might be a good thing to wait especially being that so many dealerships are charging such a big premium for one.

dammit, should've waited on buying the JL...that JT looks awesome! :thumb:

I noticed Mel didn't point out the hydro-assist and no manufacturer logo on it :thinking:

I'm pretty sure he did on a previous video. It is a PSC and the very first one for the JT.


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Such an awesome build. EVO definitely knows their way around building the best toys.
Great job and Thank you for sharing

So glad that would could share this with you :)

That is one badass build, and in one week. Well done Mel! What trail were you guys running?

Well, a hair over a week but essentially, yes, crazy! We ran several different trails and all on the north end of town to make this video.

That is impressive. Overlanding is more my "cup of tea" and built my JK to go anywhere and literally take the kitchen sink with me. I pre-ordered the Gladiator but I am thinking of going this route instead of the Rubicon is a WAY better deal and a better rig at the end.

Hard to beat what you can get for the money.

Ok, this is a nice one and I'm glad to see EVO did an amazing job. I'm still not sold on the JT's but this one I would not mined driving around.

Stock, they're kind of funny looking for sure. Built up like this and it'd be hard for anyone not to like it.

Wow what a beast! Looks like wheelbase wasn’t an issue at that height with the 40s. Just out of curiosity, are there any plans to be able to retain reverse camera functionality in the future with a tire carrier like that? I would think it would be much more difficult to work it out than a jk or jl being that the tailgate doesn’t swing out as well.

Mel was wanting to relocate the camera in the spare like the JL but ran out of time.

It’s amazing what they’ve done in such a short amount of time...really nice

Who says you can’t wheel a pickup truck?...

With a bit of lift and bigger tires, all things are equal :)

That thing is awesome. Love how it crawled up stuff with having lockers engaged. 40s and the lift sure helped the break over angle.

In a place like Moab, a long wheel base is an advantage.

How much and where do I sign up to get one. That is a beat, beautiful.👍👍

LOL - no kidding :)


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Well damn, that’s pretty much the perfect vehicle for me.

LOL - at this point and time, just about any Jeep would be :D

That is one Bad Ass Truck!!! My OCD really likes how the red follows the angle of the rear door... cleans it up.

It really does a great job of making that weird dead space go away. I will have to do something like this to my JT too :yup:

Reminds me of Resq1. Whatever happened to that one?

Someone at Discount Tire must have shelved it. Haven't seen it around in a while. Shame.

Ok, those tires are huge. Jeep looks great.

They're big but perfect for a truck like this. :yup:


I have to say that is pretty damn impressive. This appears to solve a lot of the issues we had with the JK and a family of 4+. Of course it doesn't solve my lack of time issue, but I'm glad I haven't pulled the tigger on the second luxury car I've been lusting after. I really don't want to justify having more cars than drivers again.

Thanks for posting this up. :thumb:

LOL - glad that we could share this with you :)

Wow what a sweet JT! Great job EVO and thanks for sharing!

So glad that you liked what you saw :)

That thing is fucking amazing! God it was walking up everything

While it might have a harder time on a trail like the Rubicon, out in Moab, the long wheel base is a huge benefit.


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Seriously awesome vehicle! What trail were you guys on? It handled it perfectly!

We pretty much ran all the trails on the north end of town to make this short video.

EVO did a great job on that build. The JT is definately growing on me.

I can't wait until you guys get yours and see what you do with it.

LOL - I can't wait either! Trying really hard to get our hands on one and as soon as possible. :yup:

And to think I was starting to get upset that I think I'm probably going to have to sell my Rumble Bee on 40's.... Guess I'll just have to buy one of these and build it up like that! Damn this is a good-looking rig! And it is totally all purpose. I don't think there's anything you couldn't do with that rig!!!! Way to go EVO!!!!

Honestly, if you're into big trucks, it'd be hard to beat something like this.

What an unbelievable build! It wheeler so damn smooth up those ledges. Not that Mel didn’t have anything to do with that.

Looked like a great day out there!

Honestly, a long wheel base is a big plus out in a place like Moab.

Ugh, I gotta quit clicking on these damn videos while I'm at work! Another good one as usual. Boy am I glad the wife already has a pickup because I could see one of these in the driveway very easily.
Two Jeeps are already taking up plenty of cash to build, I couldn't imagine 3! :crazyeyes:

LOL - one can never have too many Jeeps :D

Pretty much my exact thoughts, except that the wife don't have the truck, I do.

But it will need replaced one day. Look out when the diesel arrives.

Only thing about the diesel is that I'm pretty sure it'll have a LOWER towing capacity than the 3.6L. This is due to its inability to keep cool. There are other drawbacks as well like the size of the engine.

Let’s see .... $45k for the JT .... another $35k for the upgrades .... 🤤

Well kids, it’s junior college for you! [emoji23]

:cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

I was thinking the same thing. Maintaining/building Three Jeeps might kill me trying to generate the capital. The worst part is that everyone’s builds having even started yet. Once we get Eddie’s, WJCOs, Bubba’s and the rest get going, it’s going to be Unbearable.

LOL - hoping to get ours sooner than later ;)


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I can't believe Mel called it a car. tsk tsk. he should know better then that.

LOL - it's a funny thing but pretty much everyone in the industry refers to a Jeep as a car.

Finally catching up a bit. That thing is so legit, for exactly what its built for. Excited to see more from Moab!

It really is an amazing build. :yup:

That rig is flat out amazing! Thanks for sharing!

You bet! Glad you like what you see :)

Amazing transformation! Really cool that Mel has done this at the price point he targeted.

It really is a great idea and glad that he was able to pull it off :yup:

Finally got a chance to watch this. Great video Cindy and Eddie! I really want a Gladiator now.

LOL - I think we all want one now :)

That is a great looking JT. That thing is more than capable to go off-roading.
I would love one in the Gobi color. Wish they offered a more powerful engine as well.

You should try driving one and with an 8-speed auto. I think you'll find that it isn't too bad as is.

Anyone make a camper shell for this beast yet?

I doubt it but I'm sure one will be available sooner than later.
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