The "Delicate Flower" Build

Hey Everyone. First vehicle I've owned that I really love. I've owned some really high end vehicles and the Jeep is just me. I love the character and how it's not a couch on wheels driving down the road in a sound proof room. I love the noises, the shakes and everything about it. At any rate, I have a couple of posts I'll be making below as the build stages come up to what I have to present day. Here is some general information, along with stuff that it came with from the seller

2021 Overland Sting Gray
1,400 miles at purchase
8.4 Screen/Upgrade Audio
Color Matched Freedom Top

What Came on the Jeep

DV8 Heat Hood Color Matched
Mad Max Grill/Bumper (Blah)
Black Rhino 20x12 Gunmetal Wheels
Milestar 37x13.50x20 Tires
DV8 Inner Fenders
DV8 Armor Fenders
DV8 Armor Rock Rails
DV8 Rear Bumper
SmittyBilt X20 Synthetic Winch with a Steel Fair Lead LOL
Quake LED Headlights
LED Tail Lights
Custom Leather Interior (Diamond Stitched Italian Leather)
Zroads Light Bar and (4) Pods
Falcon SP2 2.1 Shocks
Falcon Steering Stabilizer
Readylift 4” Lift


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So here is where I made a lot of changes with how it came to what I wanted to make it.


Added Apex Autolynx end links


Added Bearcat 980 SSB CB Radio W/Wireless Mic
Added Midland MXT575 GRMS Radio
4' Firestick Adjustable Antenna
Midland 6db Gain Antenna
Midland External Speaker
AAL Molle Overhead Rack
Teraflex Dual Antenna Rail Mount

Drive Train:

4.88 Gears
ARB Lockers
ARB Diff Covers


ARB Twin Compressor
ARB Smart Pressure Control System
813 Fabrication Under Hood Compressor Mount
813 Fabrication ARB Filter Relocation


Tazer JL Mini
Spod Touch Screen Control Panel


Bartact Seat Covers/Visors
Bulletpoint Phone Holder/iPad Holder/GoPro Holder
Fire Extinguisher
All Weather Mats


RC Light Bar with Amber DRL
RC Wide Beam Flood Pod Lights
Lux Rock Lights

Front End:

Replaced Mad Max with Factory Grill
Added DV8 Modular Bumper
Added Hood Lock
Replaced Roller Fairlead with Factor 55 Fairlead
SmittyBilt Delta Hook


AEV Snorkel
SyKlone Pre Filter


Added "Delicate Flower" on windshield
Added Veteran Tribute on Tail Gate. 22 Represents the 22 Veterans that commit suicide each day...

Rear End:

Teraflex Bed Rails
41.22 Hitch Slider
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This is why we keep SEMA off our Delicate Flower. Looks a lot better already and that tailgate looks bad ass.

Discount Tire

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@Delicate Flower, thank you for the shout out, I'm glad we were able to help.

I appreciate you sharing the photos of your ride, the action shots show the results of your hard work. It looks amazing in the wild.

The Icon Rebound Pro wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler tires look awesome.
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Current Day.

Wheels & Tires:

Replaced the Black Rhino Wheels and Patagonia Tires with Icon Rebound Pro 17" Wheels & Ridge Grapplers 38x12.50x17. I ordered an extra for a full sized spare which is mounted to a RC carrier in the bed. Thank you @Discount Tire for the hook up on the tires.
Apex Quick Deflate Valves
Any idea how much lift is on it?


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I try to not criticize any ride if I don't care for parts of it, because it's not mine.

BUT, I am SO glad you took the Grumper off the front, looks MUCH better.
I try to not criticize any ride if I don't care for parts of it, because it's not mine.

BUT, I am SO glad you took the Grumper off the front, looks MUCH better.
It honestly didn’t bother me at first…for like the first day. Then each day I hated more and more.


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Just tell it like it is. That grill made Stevie Wonder flinch.
Just the Angry grille, I can tolerate, not like, but tolerate.

When the bumper gets thrown in and goes full on Grumper, I want some C4 and a detonator.
Well, these unexpected "upgrades" happened from my stupid AUX battery dying. I had to do something because once it failed I had literally 10 minutes of driving before my JT was inoperable, dead. I couldn't imagine getting stuck in the woods and that happen. Literally no heads up when it died. So the first thing I did was upgrade to the Gen 3 Genesis Dual battery system. I did buy their "G Screen" but will be installing that at a later date.


Then, once that was installed I ran into my first problem. The 813 under the hood compressor mount, once replaced, literally sat on the positive terminal's (top right in pic). So I had to rip my compressor out. So I had to locate an under the seat mount (which I believe is better anyways) and purchased the Innovative AT Products inflation system, and he literally just came out with a custom locker manifold that works with ARB lockers. Perfect.

IMG_0439.jpg IMG_0437.jpg IMG_0440.jpg

Then I ran into two other problems. Because of the new compressor location, I had to cut my mud mat to fit. Also, the Haltec chucks are not compatible with the APEX Quick Deflate Valves because the engagement depth is too long along with APEX designing their valves 3 threads short of standard, so they leak. So then I had to buy the new Morr Flate chucks designed to work with shorter valve stems/APEX valves.


So all that because of the AUX battery, but I do believe I improved the Jeep with these upgrades. I'm still waiting on my RCV axle shafts so I can get everything else above.


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This is too complicated for me to understand but it seems quite sophisticated and impressive!
Hopefully the batteries are okay. I heard that the batteries delivered with some Genisis kits are junk, fail right away, and are difficult to get replaced under warranty.


Hopefully there is a little head room between the compressor and the seat…after running it for ten minutes, it can get seriously hot…
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