So what is yall's opion on this...


What sucks is that the location of the lithium is in a very remote part of Nevada. A place where most people including greenies think, "who gives a shit about that place". But for people like me, it's special BECAUSE nobody and nothing is out there. When people are willing to start fucking up their backyard in the name of the planet, I'll be more receptive to hear what they have to say.

Can't put new trails anywhere but we can sure put mining access roads that 200 ton dump trucks drive over and dig huge fucking pits in the middle of nowhere. (y)
I saw an episode of Jay's Garage a night or two ago. He was with Elon Musk at his launch facility in Texas. Jay asked him (planted question?) about regulations/permits/etc. Musk had a great response. He said it was a real concern and that in the past, we had wars that basically wiped all the limiting regulations off the books and reset things. But we haven't had, and didn't want, wars, and therefore regulations limiting industry have continued to stack up. He said we have to be wary that these regulations will eventually limit the advancement of mankind. Always the "big picture" perspective from him.
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