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Yes. Havalon. I think I spent $30 for handle which came with 5 blades and then I got the 100 pack of blades.

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That’s interesting. Are they still pretty rigid or are they flimsy like razor blades? Like if necessary could you still defend yourself with it or just slice.

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It’s a big scalpel blade, so it’s probably not a whole lot sturdier than a surgeons scalpel.
Wouldn’t be my pick for defense. I just like these and utility knives for certain jobs so I save my edges on my good knives.

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My buddy turned me on to some of the knives he's buying recently and since I don't blow enough money on Jeeps, horses, trailers, guns and now bikes, why not start buying more knives too?
There are some really nice, high quality, relatively inexpensive knives out there. First batch I got today. :rolleyes2:


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Here is my daily carry knife. It’s cheap that way I don’t mind when I mess it up. I’ll have to get photos of all my other.


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