RIP Dusty Hill from ZZ top


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Man… I remember my dad taking me to see them when I was like 14. It was awesome! Dusty played one song using a big ass Bowie knife like a pick, then he threw it up in the air, caught it and stabbed it into his bass… so badass! RIP


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RIP Dusty Hill
Utah 1981, There was a van all blacked out coming out of the hotel and on a dare, I slammed my body on the side of it as if they hit me.
Van stopped, opened the sliding door and it was ZZ Top on their way across the street for their concert.
Got upgraded concert seats and backstage!
One of the best nights ever, awesome guys....
Tush, La Grange... they tend to make the volume on the radio go up and speedometer jump to 90 on the freeway (y)
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