Rim Dilemma


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Looking for anyone that is selling or knows of a way to get ahold of 3 more of these Vision Fury 399 blue tinted rims, I just found out that they are discontinued but that wasn't until after I had ordered 5 rims and then 2 out of the 3 people I had ordered some for said they needed to cancel because they were out of stock themselves, which leaves me with 2 rims on the way but in the never ending struggle to find 3 more lol. :gaah: Here's all the part info on them.

Part Number: 399-7873BCB0
Rim Size: 17X8.50
Lug pattern: 5x5
Finish: Gloss Black Ball Cut Machined with Blue Tint
Bore: 78.10
Offset: 0
Cap Number: C394PLGB-65V
Weight: 30

If anyone finds anything, It'll be much appreciated!



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I just dropped the part number in Ebay and they came up.

If its the a2iwheels account, thats the one I had to cancel with since the warehouse he was going to get them from was the same as another seller I bought from. Not sure why his listing is still there.
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