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I could see it making sense for local delivery companies, and things like trash trucks and such.

Basically anywhere that the trucks return to a fixed location nightly.

One big hurdle even for that is the cost and availability of the required electrical service and charging systems. Once that is in place, the operating costs will likely be much less.

Long haul has way too many variables, and the lack of infrastructure will hold it back.

Plus, with the cost of the trucks, many successful companies run teams, and the truck only stops twice a day for fuel. They basically can drive 22 hours per day, with one day parked in every 7, due to hours regulations. That just won't work with electric.


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Someone has a new truck coming out. I can't even tell from the rims who's it is. This is the best picture I can get with the phone 20210510_114516.jpg


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Our new service writer drove in his Adventador into work today........ apparently I have done something wrong with my life


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