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LOL - glad to hear it and really, I couldn't care less what nut jobs out there think. My regret comes from the fact that I personally feel that YouTube started to throttle us after the fact. Our views as a whole seemed lower, videos weren't being recommended the way they used to and any comment with support for Trump in it was moved into spam.
I think Trump is a narcissistic Psycho, but it is your garage, you can show your support for whoever you want on its walls!
To me one of the worse things about how things are going are the intolerance and polarity.
I am not a Trump fan but I also have issues with someone who is senile being President.


LOL - the IRS has deleted it from their website and make it secret…

Defund the police fund and arm the IRS in what fucking world is this not communism ? 🤬 We are paying these people to audit and arrest us ?
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