NorCal: Signal Peak -- Sept 13th


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Panda, any chance you can help me dial in my radio? It seems people can hear me fine but i dont always hear other people. I'll hear people answering questions on the cb, but didn't hear the question, I also see to get a lot of random conversations from people not in the group.

If your antenna requires an allen wrench to adjust the whip, bring one. But if you can be heard, I'd bet you are good to go. :thumb:
Not hearing some others is generally an issue with their unit, not yours.

I'll bring my swr meter but really mr BDS is a cb pro I'm sure he'll help dial it in for ya

I'll have mine as well, and I dunno anything about pro, but I do know between all of us, we should be able to figure it out. :yup:


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That looks like it's coming from above the diff like coolant maybe?
Yup :grayno:
I say a LS and some new axles will fix that, :yup:
Oh cool I'll order that stuff right now
oh no... I'll be working on mine tonight. You can bring it over and we can share brainpower...
Thanks Scott [emoji106]🏻 :thumb:
Oh damn Rob! Coolant? :grayno:

Hopefully you can get it sorted out before Saturday. Wish I were in town to come help.
I hope so too thanks Morgan

Yep, and that's all it took before he went back to the 4 door ;)

Your no help :bleh:


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If I'm still on evacuation and can't go back to work I might join this trip.

Scary stuff with the camp and family's house. Goes without saying we would love to have you and Jillybean on this trip if possible. I might be mistaken, but I think you'll have cell service for most of it, so you could stay in touch with family/work.

Silver Linings....
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