New additions to my U.K. JLUR


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Mopar 10th Anniversary Edition Rubicon Bumper
Mopar Hard Rock Hoop/Winch Guard
Mopar Winch Plate
Mopar Skid Plate
Number Plate Mounting Kit with my own Rubicon private registration RUB160N
Warn VR EVO12-S Winch
Bravo Snorkel
Rugged Ridge Nerf Side Steps
Oracle Multicolor Halo(U.K. LED pack doesn’t have halos)
Oracle Side Markers
Tazer Mini(for parking sensor delete)


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And Bob's your uncle...(I've actually never understood what that meant, but it's fun to say)...
It’s a little like saying something’s done after you’ve done it. Haha!
Still lots of work to do and I’m hoping to ship her out to the U.S.A. one day to drive Imogene Pass, Black Bear in CO and something a little less testing, Titus Canyon Road, Death Valley
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