Mesh shade top


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So does anyone know if you can paint one of the mesh shade tops? I have a buddy offering me a blue one for free and I would prefer black. It's hard to turn down a free one but the blue just doesn't do much for me. Not sure if it's a master top brand or what.
Go ahead and paint it. The worst that happens is you hate the results and have to kill it with fire.
If it is the same fabric as Spidershade, then Rustoleum fabric paint will stick for a year or two.
Duplicolor vinyl dye if it’s plastic feeling mesh

Wash it real well with with some 409 or other degreaser (detergent) first
With these mesh style fabric you need to make sure you use a roller . It's the only way to get full coverage on the mesh. If you spay or dye the mesh it will just fall through the holes and do nothing for you.
I had a blue mesh sunsahde before and it kind of blends into the blue skies. I would try it out before painting it.
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