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Caught the Bug
Checked my bump stops and found this in the rear. Looks like the front was already done. I was lazy and didn't want to disconnect everything and opted to used coil compressors. They were surprising easy after I got the hang of it. Had them compressed and off the jeep in a matter of minutes.


Does the space look adequate? I bought the ones listed for a 4 inch lift but the space looks small to me. The gap is only about 1.5 inches. Anyone know what its supposed to be or how to calculate it?


Added the 1 inch body lift, seems it was recommended for a tummy tuck. Also added in some extended brake lines. Stripped the bleed bolts and went ahead and replaced all four.

Adding in a rear cargo basket and bedtred liner for the front will be up next along with the trans skid then I'll be done.

So this is as it sits, a 4 inch suspension lift with 1 inch body lift.



Caught the Bug
Wanted something for the jeep to help with keeping it in my possession and came across this kill switch. Attaches to the battery and is controlled with a remote. Might deter them but it was a cheap little investment. Didn't really want to get into installing a full blown security system.
Screenshot_20230227_224819_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Installed a cargo basket. Not as secure as a Tuffy but it'll do for storage and will help keep some stuff locked with the tailgate shut.
Finally got my OX lockers installed. Went with electric switches instead of manual. Ran the front cable and attached the mount right on the bottom edge of the fan shroud. Probably hard to make out from the pictures.
Rear was easy, just installed the mount right above the diff.
Went with the vent switches.

Pretty much done at this point and will be ready to do a test run soon.


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Caught the Bug
Got a killer deal on a bolt in sport cage. Installed it pretty easily and seems pretty solid for something that bolts to the existing cage.


Switched out the old fogs with some yellow cubes.


Took a ride with the family Ratliff Ferry Trading Post, fun little restaurant that sits off the Natchez Trace. Rests next to a river that has a dock for boats. Always an interesting time.



I have to say I agree with Overlander, would look better without the lights. Your Jeep do what makes you happy though.


Caught the Bug
Heard a noise when accerlating so figured the driveshaft u joints might be the issue. Might as well do them all and drain/refill the transfer case while I'm down there.


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Caught the Bug
Both driveshafts completed with all new u joints. Had to bring out the sledge hammer to knock some of those joints out but no more metal grinding noise!

Fluid in the transfer case looked pretty dirty, feels good to have it with fresh fluid.


Was having some issues fully engaging into 4L and I found this Savvy cable shifter. Seems its a common complaint with lifted TJs and the stock shifter mechanism. Installed pretty easily despite everything I read prior to installing. Really no need to drop the pan which made it a lot faster install. Shifts without issue now.
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So I ran into a problem after installing the sport cage, my door surrounds didn't quite fit. I tried to adjust them but still was about an inch off. Easy trim job and everything seems to have buttoned up.

Added some light covers to my lights in hopes to make them less fugly. Probably still a minority but i like them haha.

Think I'm finally done and ready to hit some trails.


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