KMC Machete vs Grenade beadlock weight


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I've been considering beadlocks and was surprised to see such a weight difference between these two:
Machete Crawl KM22979050538N: ~45 lbs
Grenade Crawl KM23579050538N: ~35 lbs

Overall the appear very similar, and even have the same load rating, I was surprised to see that the Machete is nearly 30% heavier. I had been leaning towards the Grenades anyway, but found a good deal on some Machetes, but thinking I probably want to hold out as I'm trying to keep my tire/wheel combo weight in check. Any idea why the Machete is so much heavier?



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We are just talking about 10 lbs. and unsprung weight isn't necessarily a bad thing especially on the rocks.


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We are just talking about 10 lbs. and unsprung weight isn't necessarily a bad thing especially on the rocks.
True. Unfortunately I don't get to wheel as much as I'd like as I have three little kids and the closest place is about 3 hours away, so balancing drivability around town is important (trying to keep from hurting braking and acceleration performance too much). I'm also going to be on my stock Rubicon axles for the foreseeable future, so I'm hoping keeping the tire/wheel combo on the lighter side might help avoid damaging things.
As said already, the 10 lbs isn't significant and will really only help you rather than hurt you. Plus, the Machete definitely looks better IMO (y)


I'm going the opposite and say any weight savings I can get on something I have to lift at some point (flats, rotations...lifting it onto the spare tire carrier, lifting it onto the spare tire carrier...did I mention having to lift a big heavy tire onto the spare carrier... lol) is a welcome weight savings.
I tried to compare Machete to the Grenade I saw on a Jeep and just from looking, it seemed the rock rings on the Grenade was where they shaved the weight.
Can't be 100% since I didn't want to pull out a tape measure and begin taking notes on some strangers Jeep, probably the extra cutouts of the design also saves on weight.


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Can anyone break down the difference between these? Besides the weight and look, they are almost identical on paper. Hard to tell what you're really getting for that extra 10lbs.


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It looks like the machete has more material looking at the pattern.
The Lip Size is thicker.
Thanks guys. I'll probably get the Machete. Both wheels do look pretty good though visually and on paper. Tough choice.

Part#ModelFinishSizeBolt PatternBackspaceOffsetBoreWeightLoadLip SizeCap
KM22979050738NKM229 MACHETE CRAWLSATIN BLACK W/ MACHINED RING17X95X1273.50-38mm78.3045.60 lbs25003.46M-1030BTFL$552.00
KM23579050738NKM235 GRENADE CRAWLSATIN BLACK17X95X1273.50-38mm71.5034.83 lbs25003.81T163H120-5-H30-S2$524.00
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