Kill it With Fire


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i just wanna give you thanks for this, i was just starting to feel great and not so depressed and then i saw these tow sorry excuses for jeeps, i think im going to go cry in a corner now :sigh:

Call me a racist or a big got but as I search my limited vocabulary for an appropriate verbal response to these images the ONLY I can mutter is.......

"DA, FUCK????"



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Some horrible JKs to burn ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1391901022.771818.jpg ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1391901031.552235.jpg
I hope these idiots fall out on the highway
, ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1391901039.360431.jpg

I don't even want to know how much money was put into this JK ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1391901089.739887.jpg


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Thought I would start a "Kill it With Fire" thread to post Jeeps whose owners should have bought an Escalade or Chrysler 300 instead.

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Okay, I'm gonna get burned for this, but as far as G'ed out Jeeps go, I think this one actually doesn't look that bad. I do not in any way support that style, but I can say that I've seen worse...

Don't follow me, I'm lost too! O|||||||O


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the only thing i might add is that you get you upgrade your driveshaft with a set of spicer or neapco u-joints. the cheap chinese u-joints woods uses is crap - trust me on this one.

regarding your walkers, they only come in one back spacing and if i recall, it's 4.75" or there abouts. you should be okay with running them with the tires you plan on getting but, if you do have rubbing issues, a set of spidertrax wheel spacers will take care of you. as far as shocks go, rancho has just about every length you can imagine getting and i'm sure you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

Boo that man! :cheesy:

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