JL Wrangler dash warning lights


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Was on the trail this weekend hit a small bump really nothing bad when suddenly my abs warning light came on, esc light, and serv 4wd light and said my 4wd was temporarily unavailable. The last one was a problem on the trail I was on. After checking a few things and pulling a few fuses to check them it seemed to reset. Other people have had this problem anyone know what the fix is or do I need to go in for service. Vehicle has less than 10k miles. Thanks



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Most likely a loose battery cable or failing battery. Start with the cables. Take them off, then put back in place and tighten. Sometimes they feel tight but actually loose and bump can temporarily disconnect it throwing the dash into confusion

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I have had some concerns on the electronics of my JL. I have had times when the dashboard was simply frozen, tach, speedometer, and other indicators simply did not respond or froze at some point. A few times I have had the dashboard doing what simply seemed like a constant reboot.
Took it in for service some time ago and some update was applied which seemed to help, but I am still concerned. Just two days ago the start/stop feature is now faulty. Appears to be a pin in one of the doors is the culprit, the part is on back order. On the way home today from service 4WD drive went live for a time.
My warranty is up soon and I am wondering if I should extend it!
As to the 5 inch entertainment center that came with it, it is absolutely awful.
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