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Just took delivery of a 2023 4-door Rubicon, on 33" tires. The package included rock slides. I'm going to need to add steps of some kind for my wife. She is 5'3", so already would have some struggles getting in, but she also has some mobility issues that make it worse. She CAN get in by herself, but really struggles. I am considering the AMP setup, as it would seem to go down low enough to be a great help for her, and because they retract back up out of the way when the door closes.

Anyone here installed them, or know of the pluses and minuses with AMP's gear?

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For the money, this is another option I might consider.


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I have messed with the AMP steps and Rock Slide Engineering which are, from what I've seen, the only two electronic steps out there but could be wrong. If I had to pick, I would personally use the Rock Slide steps as they are still designed to be used as a slider and do pretty well. They are definitely better in quality as well in my opinion. And congrats on the new Jeep!


I agree with Disciple, I was looking for a drop down step to replace the LOD sliders before having double knee replacement and was able to check out the AMP steps on another Jeep, IMO AMP are not designed for off-road use and the guy informed me they were stuck in the down position because the motor got wet.

Ended up with a set of Rock Slide Engineering (RSE) Gen II. I questioned their ability to withstand off-road use after seeing their Gen1 debut fail when they took a hit at Moab EJS but there weren't other options outside of rock rails with permanent hanging steps but that would defeat the purpose of ground clearance.

I went to EJS 2022 with the RSE sliders on the Jeep and I was pleased how well they did, took a few controlled hits and some not so controlled hard hits but they are still working and haven't had any issues.

They're pricey but, if you plan to take your Jeep off-road I would choose RSE over Amp. When doing my research, I did not find any reference on the AMP website to their off-road capability (just dirt roads) like RSE has.
Agree with the others on the RSE sliders. My brother installed a set on his JT for the same reason you’re dealing with. He also added the secondary plates they offer for added protection and I was impressed with how heavy they were. However, I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up to heavy rock crawling.


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Appreciate the feedback, Mike and all. I did find that Aries also has something in this product to offer. They also have a local dealer here, but I've dealt with them before for some minor stuff on my '93 Dodge W150, and was far from satisfied with the products AND install, so probably won't even pursue further.

Keep the feedback coming if you have any please. Whatever we get needs to be solid and stable, so a rope ladder is out. Short height and legs would have been an issue with her no matter what else, but she got nailed by an auto-immune attack on her body, a little over a year ago. She was successfully treated, and completed several months of PT to regain mobility again, but she is not as strong or stable as she was before it happened, and she loves to be outdoors, and is looking very forward to Jeep Life :):).



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Appreciate the offer, DOR.

Been reading up on retractable steps and reviews from several Jeep sites this week, and it appears that ALL of them have issues, including RSE, even in Gen3. Looking now at a slider with step pads built in, and there are a bunch. Looking more for a frame mount, even though we'll likely see very little bouldering. LOD has a few options here, and the Armor Lite series also have a step extension added, so we may go this route.

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