JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!


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Back in the day, I ran obstacles in my Cherokee that made Fleximobile (body on frame) drivers cry like little girls. I'm proud of my Savage heritage.
I've had 2 XJ's and still own a built WJ on 33s. My JL is a monster on 42s. So when hen people I wheel with are like "anybody can take the hard lines in that." I show up to the next run and walk everything they can't make with 37s lmao. I'm not gonna lie it's almost exclusively why I keep the old girl 🤣


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I loved my 4.0 wj. Biggest reason I got rid of it was rust from being a Tennessee and Virginia vehicle. And I really wanted a wrangler


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The Cherokees have the ideal wheel base, a stiff chassis, low center of gravity and are light weight. Wheeling in an XJ is almost cheating.
I personally haven't found an ideal wheelbase. It really depends on the trail and the obstacle. 101 is great for a lot of trails in CO, yet is terrible for SW UT. It's always cool to see how wheelbase works on different obstacles and areas.
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