JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!



I’m noticing around me women don’t wave at all.

The newer Jeeps don’t wave.

The old school Jeeps are a hit or miss. But they’ll wait till you wave first. We’re usually very close and making eye contact before one of us makes a move.

Modded Jeeps usually always wave because they’re invested into the community or bought into it.

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Me and definitely my buddy who just got an LJ a month ago. He’s been working on it and building it up. I don’t know shit about body lifts but he put a small body lift/tummy tuck on it, put new steering and 37s and then took it to Big O to get aligned. While on the alignment rack, the mechanic had the engine running and my buddy walks over as his rig is overheating and then the radiator exploded. The fan somehow got stuck in the shroud so the fan was stuck and then he finds out the previous owner topped off the coolant with the pink coolant and mixed it real nice with yellow coolant


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I know this isn't an original idea and really, I couldn't care less. The fact of the matter is, I know you all have a ton of great photos that would make great memes and I wanna see em!! So please, post up your best Jeep memes or post up photos that you think others can make a good meme out of. If you have a little background on what lead to the photo, I think we'd all love to hear about that as well.

To kick things off, allow me to present the following photo of 2013rubick's JK which was running a $330 MetalCloak solid chromoly tie-rod. Remember, this was supposed to be an "upgrade" over stock and one that should have prevented bending caused by hits to rocks let alone bending out caused by the torsional forces of your front wheels pulling. Anyway, here's my meme for it...

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So let's see what you've got! :thumb:
Dang this brings back some memories!!!


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Saw a video of this liberty, the B pillars are wobbly, he didn't cap/cover any of the sheet metal so hes surrounded by essentially knives, and he said hes gonna put a full cage in it, which brings it back to the ugly pos it originally was. I think someone else could do this and it would be waaaay better, but this jeep is destined for the crusher soon.
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