Jeep dogs!!!


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Today I found out my dog is some what of a jeep dog!! I was so proud of him:) this is a pic of him

He's such a goof ball at times but that's why I love him! My other dog he's not so much of a jeep dog.

Great looking pup!!! That second pic is kinda creepy looking with the eyes lol. There is a dog thread you should post these in somewhere, too lazy to look. Well any way here you are ImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1369356911.204768.jpgoh and jeep catImageUploadedByWAYALIFE1369356942.682695.jpg

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He's always ready for a ride.
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I was in the process of putting my top up on the jeep when the furniture movers were calling me to sign their paperwork. After they left, I was calling my dog to come check out the new couches. When he didn't show, I assumed that I forgot him out in the back yard. When I went back to the garage to finish the task, he was curled up in the back seat! I couldn't get my phone out quick enough, but he loves the jeep! He likes the carpet on the wheel wells because he won't slip.


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Here is our little guy, haha. His name is Rigger.

<img src=""/>

<img src=""/>

My wife said "that almost makes a small dog acceptable!....and if Calvin saw that he might try it out."

There's Calvin. He's one of our 2 Weims...neither of them have ANY concept of spacial occupation. If a space the size of that dash hole is open between my wife and I on the couch, they'll squeeze into it
Not sure if I've posted here before but this is my jeep pup bailey. We can never walk by the jeep without him trying to jump in. I swear he thinks its his giant kennel on wheels lol
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