ISO 2.5 Front shocks


After a slight accident and bending a shock shaft I'm needing a set of front shocks

ISO KING, FOX, 2.5 front shocks with a collapsed measurement of around 17". Unfortunately right now is not a good time to be buying new shocks



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If you aren't in a huge hurry, I may know of some King adjustable fronts that may come available.


Depends on the availability of coilovers.

I ruined my rear Kings, and for what it costs to replace them, I can put it towards coilovers, and after driving with them on Vengeance, now I'm hooked.
So no time soon. Lol
Anything other than a 2.0 low level shock is a wait. I was told Aug 21 on Fox and Jan 22 on King.


Subjective, Yes it is..but basing it on what one of the best shock tuner tells me.
He tunes For racers all over the country and KOH.
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