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That was on a JK and believe those are slightly different. Also, they have made changes over time so older videos may look different.
To be honest they originally reminded me of a dumbed down/simplified version of dynatrac ball joints. Or at least how they designed the shank and collar.

Part# 3 and 8 to be specific but I definitely don’t like how all of the weight is on an unsupported bolt and doesn’t use castle nuts.


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Some JT gears on this fine Labor Day weekend.

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Turns out the outer pinion bearing was on its way out. Just a friendly reminder not to over torque the yoke when installing aftermarket driveshafts. The bearings only call for a 12-19 In Lbs of preload! Any big impact will crush the sleeve 👍🏼

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12-19 in-lbs?…as in inch pounds?…that’s extremely light torque

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We just finished up this JLU Sport with the Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” Lift with FOX shocks and have to say, it rides pretty dang nice! We also added some 33” tires on some wheels the customer got that look very similar to Rubicon wheels.

This is definitely a kit anyone with some mechanical skills and basic tools can install in their driveway.

Here are some Before and afters…





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