Hello from Tampa Bay

Hello crew. I’ve been lurking on Eddie’s YT and here for some time now and have learned a lot.

My off road life is relatively short but it’s my new passion. My first off-road set up was a 21 wrangler Sahara unlimited but now I have my gladiator “delicate flower” which is a 21 Overland that I built up with lockers and disconnects. I’m looking to beef it up here soon with a 60/80 Dynatrac conversion with some 40’s. So I’ll be posting about advice on that here shortly.

Hope to wheel with some of you in the future.



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Welcome @Delicate Flower

Thank you for joining the forums and introducing yourself.

We appreciate the photos you shared with the group, that is a awesome looking setup and it looks like you get to enjoy it quite a bit!

Looking forward to seeing more post from you.
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