Gray Wolf - The low key, stealthy overlander

New components installed:
  • SteerSmarts Yeti XD Tie Rod
  • SteerSmarts Yeti XD Drag Link
  • SteerSmarts JL Sector Shaft Brace
  • Mopar Rear Steel Bumper
  • JKS j-flex adjustable front lower control arms
Some of these were unplanned. My stock plastic bumper had taken a beating in a recent trip, and the left side was constantly rattling. It could have been just some plastic lining losing rivets, or it could be something else.. nevertheless, I wanted to move on to a steel bumper.

The steering components were unplanned, but two factors expedited their installation. My front end slid on hard-packed ice, and the tie rod landed badly on a log. Ever since then, there was this odd clunk sound when in full lock or accelerating under torsion. In another instance, under stress and with a wedged tire at the front end, I was slowly trying to crawl past that situation and put a lot of pressure on the steering, I heard a bunch of sounds that were not inspiring and instinctively felt I was stressing the sector shaft bracket / track bar.

Front adjustable LCAs were in the plan. I had cheaper out with mopar lift kit LCAs and the caster was not something I was happy with. To add to that, I had a slight rub at full lock at the LCA so I wanted something that had a pronounced inward bend to clear the tires.

After install @ Adams Off-road, Langley BC and subsequent alignment. These are my observations
  1. Steering is very tight even at 100+kmph (this has never been the case)
  2. No clunk from the front
Will update the post if I found something to be better or worse next time I hit the trails.


Snow Wheeling
2022 Recap

14 months into Jeep ownership, there is an unexplained change in how we perceive vacation, our idea of fun has evolved to something else, and making memories has become a habit. I guess this is what they mean by the Jeep Way of Life!

We are incredibly thankful for the experiences, adventures and abundant beauty across Canada. 2022 has been a truly unforgettable and transformational year for our family - and our Jeep had a pivotal part to play in that transformation.

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