EVO Rock Star Installation Write-Up


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Great write up, as always!

Did you use a professional model for these photos? :idontknow:


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Nice write up. Very easy to follow. Now I know how ORE installed these for me as I'm just a Web Wrencher. ;) :cheesy:


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Hahahahaha. I've seen this in person :yup:

Hahahaha... Man, just realized how many people were watching. :eek:

OK all, sorry for the tangent, now back to EVO rock stars.... ENVY does have a set and they are great to get those shock mounts up and out of harms way a bit. When fully loaded with gear and the family, it does mean I bottom out a bit more. But nothing too bad and certainly not enough to not have the Rock Stars. :thumb:

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Awesome write up! I was going to install these later on when i got the bolt ons.
You can have them welded down as well right?


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Hey you wanted to renew your NorCal membership...that means derailment :cheesy:

I highly recommend these with our without bolt-on's. Help tremendously when clearance is needed.

I haven't been around much, what's this norcal membership?


:gaah: Dammit! Every time I think I can see the finish line something else pops up on this site. Now I may have to return the stupid shocks
I just bought because I gotta get these things now! Thank you for this write-up. Actually perfect timing!
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They make these for 60s too but you have to call to order them. They are just slightly wider due to the thicker brackets on most aftermarket axles. I welded mine on my pr60 just to be safe so it can be done.
Thanks for the write up. I really appreciate all the detail that you put into these. Gonna put this on my christmas list since all money is going to a mortgage starting next month.


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Great write-up and great timing as mine arrived today without instructions.

Anybody have to wiggle these in between the support piece of an axle mounted raised trackbar bracket yet? Guessing just a lil prying gets it done?
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